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Our Home Field, Guilliams Field

From our Field Coordinator

HBA’s home field is Guilliams. We also have limited access to Big Willow, the baseball fields at West Junior High, North Junior High and the field at Eisenhower. Over the years the board has made several investments into the fields. HBA is committed to providing the best experience for our players which includes the quality of our baseball fields. We are a volunteer program and rely on our board members, coaches, players and parents to help with the upkeep. We also coordinate with the City of Minnetonka and the school district throughout the year to keep the fields in the best possible condition.

The quality of our fields goes beyond the over all appearance. Safety is the biggest factor. A well groomed infield and outfield are essential to avoiding twisted ankles, broken bones, or a trip to the dentist. From the preseason start up, the upkeep during the season, to the closing of the fields for winter this all takes a great effort from the coaches, players and volunteers. HBA also has a program where players can signup to be on the prep crew and earn some money. These players are assigned times and fields each week and are responsible for making sure their field is groomed, chalked, and ready to go an hour before game time. We have a procedure for maintaining each field and keep a laminated copy posted at the fields. We also have a meeting every spring and fall with the coaches and the prep crew to go over the equipment and discuss the proper way to take care of the fields.

It is our belief and conviction at HBA that we take care of our fields and that our players help with maintaining the fields they play on. With everyone’s help we can keep our fields in great condition and avoid costly repairs. This not only helps HBA keep our fees reasonable for the parents it also helps make each season a great experience for the players and the fans. HBA would like to thank everyone ahead of time for your support and efforts in keeping our fields looking great.


Brad Kaplan

Field Coordinator

Phone: 612-581-9625

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Our Fields

Field Teams Address
Eisenhower 13 Travel & Prep 1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins, Minnesota 55305
West Junior High Travel & Majors 3830 Baker Road, Minnetonka, MN 55305
North Junior High Travel & Majors 2400 Lindbergh Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55305
Big Willow Travel & Majors 11522 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55305
Guilliams Travel, Prep & Majors 12101 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55305
High School Varsity Travel & Majors 2400 Lindbergh Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55305

Guilliam Field

West Junior High

IKE Elementary

HBA Home Fields

HBA uses fields owned by the City of Minnetonka, the City of Hopkins, and the Hopkins School District.  The six available fields are as follows:

Guilliams (G) – Guilliams is HBA’s premier, exclusive field.  It has bullpens and batting cages.  It is a City of Minnetonka field that is used 100% by Hopkins Minnetonka Babe Ruth as it was dedicated by Roy Guilliams for such purpose.  Guilliams has two pitching rubbers (one at approximately 53 feet for 13 year old “Prep” games and 60 feet for Majors and 14/15 year old age groups) and double-posted bases (approximately 80 feet for Prep and 90 feet for Majors and 14/15 year old ages groups).  Since two thirds of all games for HBA involve 14/15 year old players, games involving such teams have first priority over Prep and/or 13 year old teams. 

Eisenhower (IKE) – Eisenhower Field is a School District field adjacent to the elementary school.  This field has 75’ base paths and is only used for Prep division house games.  IKE does not have a batting cage but the hill on the first and third base lines are a nice place for parents to watch the game spread out on a blanket.

West Junior High (WJH) – West Junior High Field is a School District field adjacent to the junior high school.  This field is used only for Majors and 14-15 year old team activities.

North Junior High (NJH) - North Junior High Field is a School District field adjacent to the junior high school.  This is a larger field with permanent bases so only Majors games are scheduled here. 

Big Willow (BW) – Big Willow is a City of Minnetonka field. This is a full size field (like the Varsity Field) and is used only for Majors and 14-15 year old games.  HBA gets more dates to play hon this field than the Varsity Field and some dates include night games (generally after the School year is done).  

Varsity (V) – Varsity is a School District field that is located on the north side of the High School.  It is the field that the school Varsity and Junior Varsity teams play on.  HBA gets very few dates on this field once school is out in June.