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Welcome to Hopkins Baseball Association

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    Welcome to Hopkins Baseball Association

    Welcome to, the official communication and information link for ages 13-15 in the Hopkins Baseball Community.

    This site seeks to enhance the personal growth and development of everyone involved in baseball, OFF and ON the field, including, but not limited to the players, coaches, parents, spectators and officials.

    When they say "play ball", that is what they mean - Play hard and have fun.

    Coaches Wanted for the 2018 Season

    The 2018 HBA season isn't as far away as you might think.  HBA Clinics start in January and tryouts are in March.  In order to have our coaches identified to prior to the HBA Clinics we will being the interview process by collecting applications in October and conducting the actual interviews in November.  The selection committee will then propose to the Board at the December Meeting nominations for vote.

    If you have, or know of anyone interested in coaching a Travel Team, Tournament Team or House Team please contact HBA Travel Director, Chris Johnson at 612-518-3047/

    A Note From the MBL: What's going on with the 2018 Bat Rules?

    MBL/MBT will be discussing if there will be any new bat rule changes for the 2018 season.  MBL/MBT will meet with the community Travel and Tournament Directors on 10/3/17 to get feedback, answer questions & address concerns in order to make the best decision regarding this & other issues. 

    If you are looking now to purchase a new bat for the 2018 season....please hold off until the first week of October if possible?

    MBL/MBT will be posting the final result on 2018 Bats by 10/6/17. 
    We thank you for your patience in this matter!

    Proposed 2018 Bat Rules

    MBL/MBT will be going with the new bat change starting with the 2018 season.

    MBL/MBT will be allowing the USA stamped bat only for the 9-14 ages. The 15’s will be able to use the USA stamped bat and also the BBCOR stamped bat that the 15’s and up has used the past few years. Please see below.

    Bat Rules for 2018:

    • 9-13U Bats must be 2 1/4" unlimited weight differential or bats must be between 2 1/2" and 2 3/4"and have a –10 differential or less (i.e. 30” – 20.0 oz.) (USA stamped bat).
    • 14-U 14/15A Bats must be 2 3/4" or smaller with a -5 Differential or less. (USA stamped bat).
    • 15-U Bats must be 2 5/8”or smaller with a –3 or less. (USA stamped bat or the BBCOR stamped bat).
    • 14/15A can use either -3 or -5 bats. (-3 bats can be USA stamped bat or the BBCOR stamped bat, -5 bat must be USA stamped bat).

    2017 HBA Tournament Successes

    Tournament Team Result
    GSTC 14AA Champions!
    GSTC 15AAA 4th Place
    GSTC 13AA 3rd Place
    GSTC 13A 4th Place
    Lakeville Invite 13AA Champions
    Gopher State Spring Classic 14AA Champions
    Edina Classic 13AA Champions
    Woodbury Invitational 14AA Champions
    StLPk Slugfest 13AAA Champions
    StLPk Slugfest 13AA Champions
    Lakeville Invite 15AAA Runner Up
    Edina Classic 14AAA Runner Up
    Bloomington 14AAA Runner Up
    East Ridge 14/15A Runner Up
    Jordan 14/15A Runner Up
    StLPk Slugfest 14/15A Consolation Championship

    HBA teams that have qualified for state tournaments

    13A, 13AA, 13AAA, 14AA, 14AAA, 14/15A and 15AAA.

    Congratulations Boys!

    We're Hiring Field Setup Crew Members

    Teenagers, are you looking to make some extra spending money?  We have just the job for you.  We need field setup crew members to set up the field prior to games.  The schedule is flexible in that you select the games you are available to do the set up.  The work is pretty simple and takes around and hour.  Daily tasks include removing tarps from fields, dragging/raking infield dirt, chalking the batters box/baselines, emptying the trash cans and light bathroom cleaning/stocking.  We also have bathroom deep cleaning shifts that pay a little extra. 

    Please contact Mike Vargas if you are interested in joining the team or learning more. 

    Mike Vargas

    Field Coordinator

    Phone: 763-807-9536

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We are constantly looking for help on both a short term and long term basis.  Please contact any board member if you are interested in helping out.  Current needs:

    • Board Members
    • Prep/Majors Coaches
    • Spring Field Clean Up Help

    HMBR YouTube Channel

    This is the link to our YouTube Channel

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